EXCLUSIVE: ‘Sound of Freedom’ filmmakers sit down with LifeSiteNews for extended interview

In an exclusive interview, LifeSite’s Doug Mainwaring sits down with ‘Sound of Freedom’ producer and star Eduardo Verástegui, and the movie’s distributor, ‘The Chosen’ producer Neal Harmon. – – – Read the article here – https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/exclusive-sound-of-freedom-filmmakers-sit-down-with-lifesitenews-for-extended-interview/

Dragonslayers | How the Operation Rescue Movement Brought Down Roe v Wade

The call to repentance has changed form over the years since. Large-scale arrests have been winnowed down to Gideon’s 300 as now the arrests involve, not thousands, but dozens at-a-time or just three-or-four of God’s faithful saints across the nation. Because God is economic in the manner in which He numbers His people in battle, […]

Proud To Call Joan Andrews Bell A Friend And A Living Saint

July 15th 1986 Escambia County Jail Joan Andrews “The closer we are to the preborn children the more faithful we are, then the more identically aligned we become with them. This is our aim, & goal, to wipe out the line of distinction between preborn and their born friends, becoming ourselves discriminated against. Good! This […]